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Cloudup Joins the Automattic Family 2013/09/25

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Super excited about the Automattic Family acquisition of Cloudup

The Blog

Uploading media and sharing content are at the core of the WordPress publishing experience, and that experience is something we obsess about.

Today we’re delighted to announce we’re acquiring Cloudup, a company that’s as fanatical about these core experiences as we are. Cloudup‘s built some fantastic technology that we can’t wait for you to try out.

What is Cloudup?

At the heart of Cloudup is a ridiculously fast sharing platform that allows you to drag and drop images easily, share to social media, auto-upload screenshots, and instantly share videos with friends before the video is even fully uploaded — syncing effortlessly all the while and working perfectly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Cloudup’s core services capture many things we’ve long wanted to do around improving the WordPress Media Library and we’re super excited to make these improvements a reality.

Collaborative editing

Another exciting feature our new friends…

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The Next Level


Hello world! 2006/11/17

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Hello Earth Wise people,

On October 28th, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Wow !!! It’s the first time I actually wrote that, and it’s still hard to believe. Not only was it my birthday, but I had the pleasure of enjoying it as a cheery cheetah at the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. It was lots of fun and especially great to know that I still had it in me to ‘turn a head or two.’ I felt totally beautiful, which made turning 40 especially fun and exciting.

This is my opportunity to celebrate the fact that I have many wonderful things to be grateful for. I am a woman who still feels young and vibrant. I am a wife, with a wonderful husband whom I’ve known most of my life. We met on a blind date when I was still in high school. He still cherishes the ground I walk on after all these years, for which I am forever grateful. I am the mother of two tall, and gorgeous teenage sons (ages 17 and 15), both good students, in high school together. I am the fourth of five children (three sisters and one brother), and have two loving parents , who are still together, after moving here from Canada back in 1966, and they are still very much in love.

I live in an incredibly beautiful and friendly, earth conscious community, here in Marin County California. I’ve had an amazing life and try to learn something new everyday. This past June/July I traveled across the ocean to Prague (in the Czech Republic) for a family reunion on my husband’s side of the family, with family we never had realized we even had. It was an amazing experience. Throughout my life I have traveled across the states, as well as to a variety of other places such as Canada, Denmark, England, France and Mexico (just to name a few). Partly because of the fact that my husband and I were die hard Deadhead’s for many many years (gosh I miss those days). I’m sooooooooooooooooo thankful for those times (I miss you Jerry). I have created some truly remarkable crafts, especially with beads and used to sell my work at shows and even taught beadwork classes.

My very first concert was Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’ Last month I got to see ‘Roger Waters’ perform ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and it was an incredible show, what a treat (also recently got to see Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Widespread Panic, and Tool). On New Year’s this year I am going to “The Sea of Dream’s in San Francisco at the Concourse Exhibition Center and see ‘String Cheese Incident’ and Bass Nectar, and lots and lots of beautiful people.

I love to feel the earth between my bare toes while I garden. I’m a very creative beadartist, and I have a fun job as a preschool teacher, which I totally love and look forward to every day. I’ve got a great landlord who has made it really easy to remain a tenant after 18 years, and I also have great neighbors. I’ve shared many magical times with friends. I’m back in school trying to earn a degree so that I can eventually become the Director at my preschool where I work.

Lastly, for now, I have a computer with high speed internet and I love to explore the internet. I especially love to explore video sites like ‘youtube’ and google video. I used to enjoy a video site called ‘’ but for some reason now it just directs me to ‘’ I liked wimp much, much better. Anyhow, I guess that’s all for right now. It’s getting a bit late. Goodnight

Chow for now,

Earth Wise Chantal