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About 2006/11/17

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  1. Chantal Says:

    Who I am is the possibility of a world transformed by my being an inspirational role model and leader.

    November 16, 2006

    At work today, several incidents happened that made me realize how very fragile life is. First of all, I am a preschool teacher, and while at school, one of my little ‘almost 5 year olds,’ climbed over the fence. This little boy Cole, is an incredible climber, sure, but that was a very dangerous thing for him to do. I’m sure it was just to see if he could pull it off, but also to show off. It happened so quickly and he was absolutely fine, but it bother’s me that it happened while he was there with me. Between my co-worker and I, we had 13 kids. She was indoors with about 5 children, and I was outdoors with the rest. Cole had just left my art table after making a little ‘Native American village’ (great project by the way), and I was still there with 4 children. He literally went down the steps, and began playing with 3 or 4 of his buddies. I went down to check on everyone and didn’t see Cole. It literally took 20 seconds before I knew exactly where he was (his buddies were pretty obvious), because all of his friends were standing on this side of the fence totally surprised at his move. The way I handled it was very calmly, yet firmly, but he had to come sit with me and make another village. We talked about why it is so dangerous to do what he had done, but it frightens me that he may do such a thing again. We’ll certainly make the fence ‘climb-over proof’ but now I worry that another kid may try such a thing. Oh well, I’m just spilling my thoughts onto this here blog. I love my job sooooooooooooooo much. It is constantly cracking me up. As odd as it seems, even today’s little incident cracks me up. Of all things, this little guy feeling fearless and confident and capable of pulling something like that off. Then hearing him speak about it….unbelievable. Everyday I get an opportunity to giggle and laugh at some of the things they say. They are the future of the world, these little humans. They are in an amazing program (it’s usually very safe, unlike how it must sound), a co-op preschool which has evolved for the past 60 years. In fact we just celebrated our 60th anniversary. Being a co-op(erative), it has an alumni base which is way impressive and families which have gone on to take on leadership roles within the pta, or as room parents, coaches, and political activists. I love the environment and the experience invaluable, but how on earth should I handle such a situation so that the child can get something positive out of the experience? He’s very clear about what he should ‘not’ do but what’s ‘good’ about it all. Anyhow, that’s all for now, I’m done rambling on.

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